Partner Relationship Management PRM. Why you should pay attention.

Partnership Relationship Management (PRM) has been around ever since we figured out human interaction and behavior. We suggest to each other ideas, new products, restaurants, movies, dates and even religions all the the time. Recommending deals or suggesting leads for potential follow-up and business benefits is nothing new. When it comes to large organizations, they have been implementing systems and software to help them manage partner relations for lead generation for eons.

[caption id="attachment_14" align="alignright" width="240"]Strength comes from partnership. photo credit: Francisco Sánchez Strength comes from partnership. photo credit: Francisco Sánchez[/caption]

So why should you care about PRM? Well because the PRM tools available to large organizations have helped many of these organizations exceed sales objectives and achieve serious financial advantages. Think about it; you can either spend all your marketing and advertising budgets on traditional marketing initiatives like ads, search engine marketing, print, tv, radio etc and hope 50% of these efforts work, or you can ask carefully recruited partners to send you well qualified leads. This approach is not unique or limited to big business. Every single business on the planet can benefit from additional well qualified leads.

So why hasn’t this highly effective sales and marketing strategy caught on? Because the tools for managing partner relations and sales channels have been in most instances only developed for the largest of companies. For many small to medium size organizations, there simply is no easy way to manage partners. Many of the systems available are very complicated and expensive to deploy not  to mention maintain. Most of the current tools that exist are legacy systems in some fashion — this means that they have older versions which require constant maintenance. Upgrades are also painfully slow and expensive to deploy.

Enter PRMDeals. The reason PRMDeals was developed and released to the public is because like you we know the value of referral leads and qualified deals. We have had our share of marketing spending on many of the traditional and online advertising strategies described earlier. We have also seen first hand how a well coordinated partner relationship strategy can yield solid leads which close at a far higher level than other leads sources. If you are like us, we like efficiency and measure results all the time. This means when we find a more efficient method of lead gen and a higher close rate, we study why this source and not that source, is more efficient and then we re-double efforts to replicate it.

PRMDeals enables us to organize our partner relationship system in a way that ensures that our partners (many of whom are not tech experts) can easily access and utilize the system to submit deals, follow along the history and progress of said deals and witness first hand the benefits of closed sales (commission checks). You see at our core, we are a company that believes technology has a role in helping us solve problems and challenges. We know that using tried and true methods and processes can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the bottom-line. We see PRMDeals as one of such tools you need to have in your arsenal.

Here’s something you almost never hear about in the PRM industry: free trials, especially 60-day free trials. You can signup for PRMDeals today and begin putting our little theory into practice in your organization. If PRMDeals does not yield an improvement in how you organize and manage your partners, simply walk away – nothing to pay. Sounds simple and we like to bring simplicity to complexity. Get your PRMDeals account and see for yourself.